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How to Place an Order Online

Shop for vegetables & fruits any time of day!

Bender Mountain Farm is offering a system that allows you to easily order from us online.

It's simple and easy...

* Visit the For Sale page to view the products we have for sale each week. (Hint: Sign up to be on our e-mail list and we'll send you a link to our shopping cart each time we update our available items.)

* Create your order by adding items to an easy to use shopping cart. 

* We'll pack up your order, and you can collect and pay for your goodies at the pick-up location that's most convenient for you.

Now you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the week at any time that's convenient for you. If you think you might want to order from us on a regular basis you should consider our à la carte farm membership. Our farm members get first dibs on all items we have available each week!