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À la Carte Membership FAQs

Everything you need to know about our à la carte membership.


À la Carte Membership FAQs

Do you offer a "CSA" or other share-based program?

Unlike traditional "farm share" programs, our farm membership is entirely "à la carte," which offers tremendous flexibility to the member.  Orders are placed from a weekly "menu" of product offerings, with no obligation to order each week.


What products are available through the farm membership?

Bender Mountain farm offers many popular varieties of vegetables and fresh honey from our apiary. We also offer plants and homemade farm products. View a list of what we plan to grow in 2021: 
2021 Vegetables


How long is the membership season?

The harvest season spans from approximately early July to mid-September, depending on weather conditions. However, a membership is good through the end of December and we plan to have farm-made products and potatoes available for sale through the holiday season.


What's the benefit of a farm membership?

Our farm members will get first dibs on all the products we have available for sale each week. As a member you can pick and choose exactly what you want in each order. Your orders will get filled before those of non-members. Plus, if you have a favorite item you can't live without, let us know and we'll try to set some aside for you. Members also get the benefit of being able to special order items in bulk quantities for canning or freezing.  


Where is your pick-up site?

We have one scheduled pick-up each week at 
Bender Mountain Farm (
Thursdays from 4-6 pm).
However, we offer our members flexibility should they have an occasional conflict with the pick-up time, please call or email if you would like to discuss an alternate pick-up time.


How much does a membership cost?

To streamline the farm's bookkeeping, as well as to provide a revenue stream to purchase seeds and supplies at the beginning of the season, members choose and establish either a $100 or $200 account at the outset of the season, which is then debited per order.  Purchases above and beyond the initial deposit will be invoiced on a weekly basis.

An annual $30 membership fee covers the cost of processing and packaging orders, as well as those costs associated with providing members with an online shopping service.  It also includes two Bender Mountain Farm grocery bags that can be exchanged and refilled with each order.


 Any other fine print?

The initial $100/$200 deposit must be spent during the current calendar year. Remaining balances will be forfeited.


Sounds great!  How do I sign up?

To become a member, please visit our web store at Farm Store.