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We look forward to growing for you!
Brad Dietrich (Farm Owner & Mechanic Extraordinaire)

If it needs to be fixed or fabricated Brad's our man. He keeps everything on the farm running smoothly. Newly retired, he's looking forward to his new career as a farmer.

Maria Papp (Farm Owner & Resident Beekeeper)

Maria's our main farm contact. While you might find her on the tractor or in the greenhouse, more likely you'll see her as you pick up your box of fresh produce each week.

Jo Papp (The Brains)

Jo's been farming on this land for over 50 years! She has a wealth of knowledge and holds the family secrets for the famous Papp potatoes - we're fortunate to have her expertise and couldn't do it without her!

Ollie & Bosco (The Bouncers)

Bosco & Ollie are our first line of defense when it comes to a moose alert system. It's a tough job that requires a lot of naps each looks like there may be a new fence in our future.